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You choose which social media and e-commerce accounts you link to provide identity verification. The greater the number and the older the accounts are, the higher your potential score. We also give you additional credit for the number and age of your documented relationships.

You will have future opportunities to add additional social media and e-commerce accounts so you can start with your oldest and most used accounts or add all your accounts now. Your Trust Score, Your Choice!

How to Register for a Trusted Avatar?

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We maintain minimal information on our secure servers and use SSLsecurity to protect your data. We are also implementing blockchain verification using the Ethereum distributed ledger and we will keep you updated on the transition to the Homestead implementation.

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If you have a question, send it via contact us form and we promise to reply within 24 hours.

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Traditional background check companies provide expensive automated reports, but they don’t show you how others see you online. You may never know that someone has bought a report that shows you in a bad light.

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Trusted Avatar facilitates safe opportunities for children and teens to participate in online games and activities and interact with others in appropriate age-restricted environments. Our objective is to let children and teenagers in, and keep trolls and predators out!